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Black Cherry

The Forest Keepers

Committed to excellence in the sustainable management of our forest, and the manufacturing of our lumber and forest products providing a consistently superior product while serving the needs of our forest, employees, wood products customers, tribal community, and future generations.

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150 years of sustainable forestry from Menomonee Tribal Enterprises

Sustainably-Sourced Black Cherry Wood

Black Cherry Lumber from the Menominee Forest

Known as Black Cherry, Cherry and American Cherry, this North American native is a classic. This versatile lumber is known as “New England mahogany,”Black cherry lumber earning its name for being more affordable than mahogany, yet comparably workable. The rich wood can be used for any number of things, but is most popular in creating:

This beautiful wood grows throughout Northern America, and is native to Wisconsin’s own Menominee Forest. MTE utilizes forest planning and sustainable sourcing methods to keep the Cherry population healthy and thriving while keeping a plentiful supply for clients.  

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Characteristics of Black Cherry Wood

Black Cherry’s signature reddish brown color is a telltale characteristic of the wood. It features a straight grain with smooth luster. It’s sands and glues easily, and is so naturally beautiful, many people choose not to stain it. The heartwood is remarkably decay-resistant, providing a lasting, meaningful piece for years to come.

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