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Tilt Hoist Operator


NOTE: Selection process is in accordance with Chapter 170, as amended

POST CLOSES: Thursday May 26, 2022

JOB TITLE: Tilt Hoist Operator

SUPERVISOR: Lumber Surfacing Operator Supervisor




Responsible for the efficient operation of the tilt hoist and ensures the smooth flow of lumber as it travels the conveyor to the Yates planer and bypass system.


Must have the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the following:

1. Tilt hoist operation

2. Lumber processing practices

3. Tracking inventory tags for lumber that passes through the system

4. Ensure that lumber flow is uniform and constant to feed the planer with boards end to end

5. Prevent stickers from interfering with the lumber flow

6. Prevent sticker belt form getting plugged up 

7. Make sure lumber is loaded and spaced correctly on hoist infeed chains

8. Identify worn or broken parts and notifies supervisor/leadman

9. Assist with any repairs, replacement of parts, dismantling, assembly, or installation of equipment

10. Ensure correct lumber is on tilt hoist

11. Identify defects or potential hazards on stock that could lead to damage

12. Maintain a clean, neat and safe work area

13. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor 


Works in extreme weather condition. Work in dusty and noisy work environment. Must be able to lift up to 75 lbs. Must wear appropriate safety apparel and comply with all safety policies and practices of MTE


High School Diploma or equivalency


1. Completed application

2. Copy of Tribal Enrollment

3. Copy of diploma or equivalent

4. Honorable or general military discharge paperwork

NOTE: It is not the responsibility of MTE to notify you of incomplete applications


Mariah Reiter HR Department

MTE PO Box 10 Neopit WI 54150

FAX: 715-756-1314

CALL: 715-756-3353 if any questions


*Applicant must successfully pass a pre-employment drug & alcohol screening and background check.

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