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Rough Sawn Lumber

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Committed to excellence in the sustainable management of our forest, and the manufacturing of our lumber and forest products providing a consistently superior product while serving the needs of our forest, employees, wood products customers, tribal community, and future generations.

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Rough Cut Lumber Available at MTE

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Rough Sawn Lumber from the Menominee Forest

Sawmill Lumber for SaleRough Cut Lumber for sale

MTE Wood is a leading supplier of Wisconsin-grown rough sawn lumber. We sell full-dimensional sawmill lumber to wood flooring manufacturers, lumber yards, wood processors, home builders, contractors, furniture builders, cabinet makers and several other industries. 

Rough sawn lumber is cut from timber into planks of specific sizes, but is not planed—only air-dried. As a result, rough sawn lumber contains more moisture than kiln-dried wood. The more the wood is dried, the more it shrinks; a 2 x 4 placed in a kiln often ends up closer to a 1.5 x 3.5. The extra moisture in rough sawn lumber keeps it closer to its original cut size and can be difficult to acquire from lumber warehouses and big box stores.

Buy rough wood today
MTE Wood sells sawmill lumber in a variety of sizes and species – Contact us to learn more and buy rough cut lumber today! 

Leave a Smaller Carbon Footprint with Sustainable, Rough Sawn Lumber

MTE uses traditional wood harvesting methods outlined by Chief Oshkosh of the Menominee Nation. This method includes harvesting only fallen, sick and full-grown trees — a forestry philosophy which lets us keep the Menominee Forest healthy and bountiful. MTE’s forest management team has used sustainable forest management practices for over 150 years, setting a standard for the timber industry.

Rough sawn lumber dries naturally in air drying stacks, without consuming fuel used in drying kilns. MTE cuts wood from the Menominee Forest, then transports it nearby to our Neopit Sawmill, located within the forest itself. This minimizes the transport process and lowers carbon usage associated with shipping wood.

Benefits of Buying Rough Sawn Lumber from MTE WoodRough sawn lumber for sale in Wisconsin

When you buy sawmill lumber from Menominee Tribal Enterprises, you're making a positive impact on the environment. We practice sustainable forest management, eco-friendly processing and responsible tree harvesting to bring you the highest-quality rough-cut hardwood or softwood. Our selection of sawmill lumber gives you the flexibility to plane and shape the wood to fit your specific needs.

Let MTE Supply Your Lumber Yard

Our traditional harvesting techniques allow us to supply lumber brokers, wood processing companies and lumber yards with a steady inventory of rough-cut lumber from our central Wisconsin forest. We sell cuts of unsurfaced rough sawmill lumber in a range of wood types and grades including:

American beechwood lumber

Rough cut ash lumber

Aspen rough cut lumber

Rough sawn eastern hemlock lumber

Eastern white pine rough cut lumber

Hard maple rough sawn lumber

Northern red oak rough cut lumber

Rough sawn soft maple species

Rough cut basswood

Birch rough lumber

...and much more!


Our rough cut lumber is sustainably sourced from the Menominee Forest. Read more about how we protect the future of the forest:

Contact the rough-cut lumber experts at MTE to place an order for wood.
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Menominee Tribal Enterprises is an internationally recognized sustainable wood supplier for wood brokers & exporters, lumber yards, basketball courts, furniture and cabinetry makers, hard and softwood pallet manufacturers, construction, interior design and more. We provide chemical-free FSC and LEED certified wood to a variety of industries, serving clients throughout Wisconsin in Madison, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Appleton, Green Bay, Waupaca, Sheboygan and Wausau.

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