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Wood & Lumber Products for Sale

The Forest Keepers

Committed to excellence in the sustainable management of our forest, and the manufacturing of our lumber and forest products providing a consistently superior product while serving the needs of our forest, employees, wood products customers, tribal community, and future generations.

fsc Forest Stewardship Council The Mark of Sustainable Forestry FSC C008058
150 years of sustainable forestry from Menomonee Tribal Enterprises

Wood & Lumber Products for Sale


Wholesale Wood Products from Wisconsin

MTE Wood has been a leading lumber supplier in Northern Wisconsin for generations. Cut stock is available on a consistent basis throughout the year, with an average width of 7 to 7.5 inches and on a random length basis — MTE's wood species mix includes: Eastern White Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, American Beech, Northern Red Oak, and American Basswood.

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6 Classes of MTE Lumber

Heat Treated
To place an order for any of MTE's sustainably harvested lumber, contact our team.

Premium Rough Cut LumberWholesale Lumber Products

Rough cut lumber is wood cut from large logs, and comprises a large amount of lumber coming from our Neopit sawmill. Rough cut lumber is un-planed and often used by woodworkers because it's much less expensive than finished lumber, which must be planed to a smooth and flat surface before it can be sold. In addition to its lower cost, rough cut wood is thicker than common surfaced lumber, giving woodworkers more room for error in their projects.

When woodworkers do their own surfacing, they get to plane or joint rough cut wood exactly to their specifications, whereas finished wood allows for less shaping on site, which may save time but could also reduce the adaptability of the piece. Many woodworkers even report that they can often produce a smoother, flatter surface on the wood than they'd be able to buy from their local lumberyard.

Rough Cut Timber Uses

Rough sawn lumber can be used in the same way as standard finished lumber, but requires more prep work. Carpentry project budgets can be stretched a bit by opting for this less expensive rough cut wood option.

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Our Lumber Products

Sawlogs for Sale
Wood Products for Sale (Saw Logs)

Sawlogs are the rawest form of cut timber. They are unfinished logs and can be used for a nearly unlimited range of applications.
MTE is committed to processing all feasible timber products harvested consistently with the FSC standards and policies. Sawlogs sold are Hemlock only and a random length ranging from 8 to 16 feet, with diameters 8 inches and larger. Sawlogs sold are in grades 1 through 4, and Woods Run.


Boltwood is cut from felled timber into raw logs usually shorter than eight feet in length. They are often stout pieces of trunks and branches, which are sometimes used for clapboards, wood shingles or fuel.

MTE’s near term business plans provide for the development of an efficient small mill designed to process various species of bolt material. Currently, mixed hardwood and softwood species are available in the round form.

High Quality Veneer Logs

Veneer quality logs are available in major and minor species throughout the year. These veneer logs are random length ranging from 8 to 16 feet, with diameters being 13 inches and larger. MTE scalers select potential veneer logs with final selection being made by buyers. Pricing reflects a premium for certified product. Veneer Logs will give you a fine wood appearance.

Veneer Log Uses

Veneer is the thin slices of wood often used to finish core panels on floors, doors, cabinets, and furniture. By peeling the trunk of the tree or slicing from large blocks of wood called flitches, wood workers can obtain thin sheets of wood around 1/8 inch or less.

For the best lumber cut from sustainable logging and forest management, contact MTE.

Pulp Wood

In keeping with traditions of full utilization of harvested material, inferior timber falling short of the cut for quality lumber finds its own purpose as well. Pulpwood is often used for paper, but can serve as the raw material for oriented strand board (OSB) or particle board.

Our long term business plans call for the development of a log sorting and whole log chipping facility to be located in Neopit, Wisconsin. Currently, mixed hardwood and softwood species of pulpwood are available in the round form.


High quality, sustainably grown and harvested firewood from MTE is now available to the general public. Firewood is a necessity for those who own a fire pit or wood burning stove. Whether you are looking to have a bonfire, do some cooking or go camping, you won't be able to find higher quality firewood than this. Our firewood is great for all needs and uses.

Mixed hardwood and pure oak firewood rounds are available in several options:

  • Oversized Hardwood Firewood - mixed hardwood
  • Pulpwood Firewood - pure oak and mixed hardwood
  • Boltwood Firewood - mixed hardwood

Wood By-Products

Wood by-products offer additional opportunities to use the whole tree harvest. Besides our quality lumber, MTE also offers the following Wood By-Products for sale:

  • Chips – Wood chips from MTE can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from landscaping material to wood fuel. Wood chips are available to meet any specifications required.
  • Bark – fibers from tree bark can be used to make cork, canoes, basket materials, and even healthcare applications.
  • Sawdust – Sawdust is often used by loggers to provide traction on compacted snow, and is excellent at absorbing liquid spills.
  • Hog Fuel – Hog fuel is a different type of wood chip; it is unprocessed and commonly used for fuel, animal feed, and landfill or landscaping applications.
  • Shavings – Wood shavings make high quality bedding for horses and other domesticated mammals, large or small. The shavings insulate body heat while the animal rests, ensuring good health.


Kiln Drying Available!Kiln Dried Wood Products Wisconsin

Kiln dried wood from MTE is less likely to distort, stain or warp due to the evaporation of moisture in the wood. Insects are also killed during the drying process. In order for pallet wood to be shipped internationally, kiln drying or heat treating is an ISPM-15 requirement. MTE kiln dried wood suppliers offer wood for use in pallets and any other wood material applications.

Menominee Tribal Enterprises has 6 kilns for the drying of wood:  

  • Our two newest kilns have a drying capacity from 370,000 FBM to 450,000 FBM
  • Operating on 12 day cycles, 350 days/year
  • An average of 2.5 million board feet of kiln-dried lumber is produced per year

Menominee Forest Species List

 White Ash

Aspen (Bigtooth And Quaking)



Eastern Hemlock

Eastern White Pine

Hard Maple

Pin Oak

Red Oak

Red Pine

Soft Maple

Yellow Birch

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