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The Forest Keepers

Committed to excellence in the sustainable management of our forest, and the manufacturing of our lumber and forest products providing a consistently superior product while serving the needs of our forest, employees, wood products customers, tribal community, and future generations.

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150 years of sustainable forestry from Menomonee Tribal Enterprises

Sustainable Firewood for Sale from MTE

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Sustainable Firewood Rounds from the Menominee ForestSustainable Firewood For Sale in Wisconsin

MTE Wood now offers premium quality firewood rounds that are sustainably grown and harvested to the general public. Both mixed hardwood and pure oak rounds are available, so we can provide for most needs.

Firewood is a necessity for those who own a fire pit or wood-burning stove. Whether you need firewood for cooking, for your fire pit or to take camping, MTE Wood produces the highest quality, sustainable firewood rounds available in Wisconsin. We offer firewood in several options:

  • Oversized Hardwood Firewood
    • Diameter - around 20"
    • Available as: Mixed Hardwood
  • Pulpwood Firewood
    • Diameter - between 3" and 22"
    • Available as: Mixed Hardwood or Pure Oak
  • Boltwood Firewood
    • Diameter - between 7" and 12"
    • Available as: Mixed Hardwood

All firewood sales must be paid in full before anything leaves our yard. Trucking and delivery is the responsibility of the customer. All lumber must be hauled within 5 working days of the sale.

Buy Sustainable Firewood Today
MTE Wood is ready to take your order for mixed hardwood and pure oak firewood rounds – Contact us to learn more or buy sustainable firewood today. 

Finding the Best Firewood for Your Needs

The type of firewood that would be best for you depends entirely on your needs and intended use.


Sustainable firewood cords for sale in WisconsinIf you are looking for the best wood for smoking, you would do best to use pure oak, but can’t go wrong with either choice. Oak is considered the best because, while it offers a strong smoky taste, it tends to not overpower the taste and texture of the food you are smoking. Many people choose to use chips for this, but small chunks and cut firewood work much better than chips. Chunks will tend to burn longer, produce more smoke and offer a better flavor, and don’t even need to be soaked beforehand.

Bonfires and Camping

If you are having a small bonfire in your fire pit or taking some firewood with you when camping, there is not a large difference between pure oak and mixed hardwood and the preference may depend on the time of year. Oak puts out a little more heat than mixed hardwoods, so it may be best used during the late fall, winter or early spring. Mixed hardwoods may be preferred during late spring, summer and early fall because of the lower heat output. The best firewood for you may also depend on cost, as Oak tends to be slightly more expensive than other hardwoods.

Firewood Sustainably Grown and Harvested in Wisconsin

At MTE Wood, we take forest preservation very seriously. All wood products are sustainably grown and harvested from the Menominee forest, including our firewood. Firewood from MTE is one of the most environmentally responsible choices for firewood in Wisconsin.

Contact the experts at MTE to get some of the best, sustainable firewood in Wisconsin. Check out our full selection of sustainable lumber products

Our traditional harvesting techniques allow us to supply lumber brokers, wood processing companies and lumber yards with a steady inventory of lumber from our central Wisconsin forest. We offer cuts of lumber in a range of wood types and grades including:

American beechwood lumber

White ash lumber

Aspen lumber

Eastern hemlock lumber

Eastern white pine lumber

Hard maple lumber

Northern red oak lumber

Soft maple species

Basswood lumber

Birch lumber

...and much more!

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Menominee Tribal Enterprises is an internationally recognized sustainable wood supplier for wood brokers & exporters, lumber yards, basketball courts, furniture and cabinetry makers, hard and softwood pallet manufacturers, construction, interior design and more. We provide chemical-free FSC and LEED certified wood to a variety of industries, serving clients throughout Wisconsin in Madison, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Appleton, Green Bay, Waupaca, Sheboygan and Wausau.

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