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Wildland Firefighter


NOTE: Selection process is in accordance with Chapter 170, as amended.


POST CLOSES: Friday September 22, 2023

JOB TITLE: Wildland Firefighter

SUPERVISOR: Fuels Technician




This is a permanent full time position for MTE Prescribed Fire and Fuels Crew. Primary responsibilities of this position will be to assist in the preparation and implementation of fuels management activities, such as: prescribed burn preparation, implementation, project monitoring, and mechanical hazard fuels reduction projects. Also when needed serve as a member of a fire engine crew and fuels crewmember assigned to a full range of wildland fire management activities.



Must have the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the following:

1. Assist in the leadership of the Menominee Fuels Management program

2. Standard fire program requirements, suppression tactics, methods and procedures, understanding of ICS, and human factors related to wildland fire fighting, as evidence by completion of the NWCG skill courses.

3. Basic fire behavior, hazards and accepted fire safety practices and procedures to prevent injury and loss of life, as evidence by completion of the NWCG skill course. 

4. Utilize a variety of specialized tools, equipment and techniques while actively suppressing wildfires and implementing fuels projects (prescribed fire and hazard fuels reduction)

5. Able to search out and extinguish burning materials by moving dirt, applying water by hose or backpack pump, etc.

6. Chops brush, fells small trees, and moves dirt to construct fire line using various hand tools such as axes, shovels, pulaskis, McLeods, power tools, chainsaws and portable pumps

7. Controls spreading of wildland fire and/or prepares control lines prior to burning operations. Patrols control lines to locate and extinguish sparks, flare-ups, and hotspot fires that may threaten developed firelines

8. Cleans, reconditions, and stores fire tools and equipment

9. Perform project work such as fuel inventory, preparing associated reports, and hazard fuels reduction projects

10. Maintenance of miscellaneous equipment and facilities

11. Position engine, start & prime pump engine, adjust engine speed, pump valves, and apply appropriate nozzles, make nozzle adjustments in the effective use of water and additives in fire activities

12. Assist other trained personnel in more specialized assignments such as: backfire and burnout, mobile and stationary engine attack etc.

13. Fire and safety training techniques, practices and methods of fire suppression and in the safe, efficient operation and use of tools, equipment and vehicles used in wildland fire activities

14. Participate in crew proficiency checks, drills, safety sessions, and fire critiques

15. Ensure self and others' welfare and safety in all aspects of mission assignments

16. Be involved in teaching and mentoring new fire fighters

17. Perform assignments at the FFT2 level in developing a working knowledge of fire suppression and fuels' management techniques and practices in support of the fire management program

18. Perform miscellaneous forestry tasks (i.e.; timber marking, stand exam, inventory)

19. Perform duties under stressful and adverse operating conditions, such as; long work hours, heavy workloads, emergency situations and work weekends/holidays

20. Work in a team environment

21. Perform building and grounds maintenance in non-fire activity

22. Willing to go on western details when in PL3 or higher

23. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor


Working holiday's weekends and extensive travel are required during periods of high fire danger &/or resource demands, as well as attendance at formal training, meetings & conferences, etc. Work is generally performed in a combination of an office setting and the field. Wildland fires suppression, prescribed burning, & fuels treatment project work requires strenuous physical exertion of all types over uneven terrain. This requires the wearing of appropriate safety equipment and apparel, and maintaining strict adherence to accepted safety procedures.


1. This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

2. Employee must have completed basic wildland firefighter training ICS-100, NIMS-700, L-180, S-130, and S-190.

3. Employee must also pass both a work capacity test at the arduous level and an annual physical exam within first two months of employment.

4. A valid driver's license and insurability may be required depending on needs of the department.

5. If applicants are previous employees of Menominee Tribal Enterprises, they must have a positive past work record and history of positive job performance.


1. Completed application

2. Copy of Tribal enrollment

3. Copy of diploma or equivalent

4. Honorable or general military discharge paperwork

NOTE: It is not the responsibility of MTE to notify you of incomplete applications


Human Resources Department

MTE PO Box 10, Neopit WI 54150

EMAIL: jobs@mtewood.com

FAX: 715-756-1314

PHONE: 715-756-3353 or 715-756-3350 if any questions

*Applicant must successfully pass a pre-employment drug & alcohol screening and background check.


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